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Customers who buy from you online? They can do so via Kariflex

Besides you can buy your orders online, you can also let your customers buy from our webshop. You and your customers can thus use our modern webshop. We will provide the webshop with your logo, so your customers have the feeling that they are buying directly from you. Result! Benefit from this option without investing! We can even pack and ship these orders for you. That means extra turnover, but not costs. Count your profit.

Overall, Kariflex offers you as a wholesaler some great options to make your job a success. Customised to your requirements. And with priority where possible. That makes life easy. Call Gerry Froger to ask about all the options: +31 (0)6 207 058 76.

24/7 access to rapid webshop

Our webshop operates on the latest IT technology. That means quick links and handy searches, for example by letter, product, product group, etc. Real-time photos of flowers and plants are the standard here: you get what you order!

With 1 click to a complete assortment

Using smart links, the Kariflex assortment is linked with various other suppliers, including growers. With 1 click, you have access to a complete assortment of fresh flowers and plants. Very easy and extremely efficient.

‘Profitable flowers’: make sure you benefit!

At Kariflex, we use the term ‘Profitable flowers’ for a nice batch of flowers which our buyers have bought for a very competitive price. These ‘deals’ often generate extra turnover and profit for our customers. As soon as this opportunity occurs, we tip off our customers. Because: ‘profitable flowers’ says it all.

Technically ready for the future

To ensure that we can optimally serve our customers in the future, in recent years Kariflex has made considerable investments in optimisation, automation and digitisation of our operations. This modern logistics approach offers extra opportunities to grow with you. Here’s to a flourishing future.

24/7 access to the webshop

Via a customer-friendly webshop which is accessible 24/7 and an experienced sales team, you have access to a wide and deep assortment of top-quality cut flowers, plants and bouquets. Competitive prices in our assortment offer you the opportunity to make a profit.

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Modern logistics

In recent years, Kariflex has invested in optimisation, automation and digitisation so that we can serve all our customers in the future too. Taking a modern logistics approach, we are able to grow with you and work on a flourishing future.

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